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The Swedish Steel Prize

The Swedish Steel Prize is the only international award for engineers in the steel industry. It attracts competitors from all over the world.

For nearly 20 years, the Swedish Steel Prize has recognized and rewarded small and large companies as well as institutions and individuals who have developed a method or product that utilizes the full potential of high-strength steel, or other steel optimized for high-strength, wear-resistance, tooling, protection or any combinations thereof.

The jury is looking for applications that stand out and inspire in the way they have used the material. The independent professional jury assesses the entries by their applicability, profitability, environmental benefits, performance, innovation and creativity.

A two-day event

The announcement of the winning entry is a major highlight at the Steel Prize awards gala in Stockholm, but there’s a lot more to it than that. The Swedish Steel Prize is in fact a two-day event packed with knowledge, inspiration and opportunities to meet people working with steel in all types of fields.

Except the media exposure that comes with a win or nomination, the winner will receive a statuette designed by Jörg Jeschke and SEK 100,000 (roughly 10,000 EUR).

Why we founded the Swedish Steel Prize

The Swedish Steel Prize was founded in 1999 with the aim to serve as an inspiration. To offer a glimpse of the endless potential of high-strength steel when it’s put to full use by creative engineers and designers.

It was founded as an international award, in the hope of attracting applicants from all over the world. And almost 20 years later we can say that this is the case, with finalists from all continents except Antarctica.

It’s also open for anyone who has developed a product, method or process that includes high-strength steels. Eligible applicants can represent themselves, a company or an institution. The prize aims to encourage all trailblazers, big or small, who pave the way toward new developments and improvements.

The Jury

Jan-Gunnar Persson

Professor emeritus

Professor Emeritus in Machine Design at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Industrial experience from Atlas Copco strategic development and from structural design. Research co-operation with major Swedish companies. Currently consultant and Technical expert for EU.

Lennart Bergqvist

MSc, Consultant

MSc of Machine Design and Management Consultant with experience from world leading industries, such as Scania, Volvo Construction Equipment and SSAB.

Sture Hogmark


Professor of Materials Science and Tribology at Uppsala University. In his research, generally performed in co-operation with major Swedish companies, he focuses on steel and its use in structures, tools and engines.

Jan-Olof Sperle

Professor emeritus PhD

Professor Emeritus in Lightweight Construction at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Uppsala University. Consultant in material, structural design and strategic development. Member of the Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA.

Claes Magnusson

Professor emeritus

Professor of Materials Processing. Has held a tenured position at Luleå University of Technology, marketing manager positions in the steel industry and as manager of R&D stamping and joining in the automotive industry.

Annika Stensson Trigell


Professor in Vehicle Dynamics at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Chairman of the Arena for Strategic Partnership KTH - Scania, senior advisor to the KTH Transport Platform and board member of the Forum for Transport Innovation.

Eva Petursson

Chairman of jury

Head of Strategic R&D, Group Technology at SSAB.