University Challenge

As part of the Swedish Steel Prize, we invite university students to participate in the contest we call University Challenge. The winning team of students will recieve 10 000 SEK and their prize at the award ceremony. Their application will also be presented during the Swedish Steel Prize Event in Stockholm in May.

The contest rules are simple:

  • Entries can be a design study, a production method, a concept or an upgrade of an existing product.
  • Entries must include the use of high strength steel. 
  • It is not required that the entry is ready for market, but the proposal should be possible to realize.
  • All year groups within structural or mechanical engineering and material design programs may participate.
  • Entries can be from individuals or groups. Groups can have up to 6 participants.

The winner will receive:

Participation in the Swedish Steel Prize Inspiration Seminars in Stockholm with an interview and presentation of their entry on the main stage. The winning entry will also be submitted to the Knowledge Service Center for further examination. Experts, together with the students, will provide refinement of the proposal, which may include estimates of strength, fatigue or other mechanical properties, as well as calculations of production efficiency and actual market potential, depending on the entry’s design and character.

For more information:

Linda Petersson
+46 243-716 11,