finalists 2014

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“It is very exciting to be part of this jury- and nomination work and to experience all the creativity in taking the next steps in the development of the use of high strength steel. During the 16 years that the Swedish Steel Prize has been awarded, we have been able to follow how the driving forces for the use of high strength steel have changed, from lower weight and safety to environmental benefits and increased competitiveness,” says jury chairman Gregoire Parenty, SSAB’s Executive Vice President and Head of Market Development.

Four finalists have been nominated for the prize for leading designs in high strength steel. The jury has chosen innovations for the mining, forestry and transportation industries. The finalists are:

Dump truck – Belaz, Belarus

By using advanced high strength steel combined with a unique design, Belaz has made the world’s biggest dump truck, which has considerable advantages in terms of productivity and fuel economy.

Beverage trailer – Santander, Chile

Santander has developed a new lightweight trailer for transportation of beverage pallets. The payload has increased so that seven new trailers can transport the same load as eight conventional ones, which means both economic and environmental advantages.

Feeding rollers for forest harvester – Timo Penttimies, Finland

By using laser cut Hardox plate, Timo Penttimies has succeeded in designing a completely new, innovative and cost-effective roller feeder for forest harvesters.

Screener system – Vale, Brazil

Utilizing Hardox 450, that combines strength and toughness with wear resistance, Vale has designed a new generation of screening grids for application primarily within large-scale mining and quarries. The new grid gives less downtime due to better flow of material and easier maintenance, which give large economic and environmental savings.