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Wabash National wins People’s Choice Award

After a tight race, a winner has emerged. With 903 votes, Wabash National has won the People’s Choice Award for the Swedish Steel Prize 2017.

The award is proof that Wabash National’s innovative rear underride guard for truck trailers, which is a finalist for the Swedish Steel Prize 2017, is a favorite among the general public and an excellent example of innovation through the optimized use of steel.

The RIG-16 Rear Underride Guard System utilizes high-strength steel in its design and goes above and beyond existing highway safety standards. Thanks to a thorough development process, Wabash National was able to achieve their design and safety goals without negatively affecting truck trailer performance.

The People’s Choice Award allows the general public to vote for their favorite Swedish Steel Prize finalists. The award plays no role in determining the actual winner of the Swedish Steel Prize.

Read more about Wabash National as well as the other finalists for the Swedish Steel Prize 2017 and check back on May 11th to find out who the winner of the main prize will be.