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SSP Peoples choice


Voting has started for the People’s Choice Award 2018

The Swedish Steel Prize 2018 nominees have now all been presented and the countdown to the event is on. However, before the winner is announced there is yet another award to be decided – the People’s Choice Award.

The People’s Choice Award gives everyone the chance to vote for his or her favorite Steel Prize nominee, and voting has now started.

Casting your vote is easy – just go to and read more about each nominee. Then, vote for the application that you think is the most interesting and groundbreaking solution made from high-performance steel.

Regardless if they go on to win the main prize or not, it is a special honor to be named the People’s Choice by friends, colleagues, peers and high-strength steel enthusiasts from across the world. The People’s Choice Award is based solely on votes from the public and plays no role in determining the winner of the Swedish Steel Prize.

The voting will end and the winner will be announced on Friday, May 18 at 10 CEST.

Vote for your favorite nominee now!