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Bright Steel Prize start in Oxelösund

With sunny weather and summer temperatures, SSAB Oxelösund welcomed customers who chose to attend an exciting mill tour.

It is the start to this year's Swedish Steel Prize event, and it attracted nearly 200 registered customers from around the world to learn more about high-strength steel – and see it being made.

This year's mill tour in Oxelösund is an additional point to the Steel Prize program. In Borlänge and Stockholm, customers can take part in education, seminars and the latest research about high-strength steel.

"Customers are extremely interested in the production in Oxelösund and wanted to come here for a visit in addition to the full program," explains SSAB’s Fredrik Mikaelsson, who is responsible for the mill tour.

Customers arrived by buses from Stockholm and the tour began with the blast furnace 4, then continued to the steel mill, rolling mill, testing center and quenching line 2.