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apply 2018


Applications from 26 countries

The application time for the Swedish Steel Prize 2018 ended on February 1, and a total of 81 applications were sent in. The applications came from 26 different countries around the world.


Apply for the University Steel Prize - and win cash and connections

Are you a university student and have an innovative idea on how to use high-strength steel? Apply for the University Steel Prize before April 1, 2018!


Swedish Steel Prize 2017 winner Kiruna Wagon: Increased exposure and new requests

We caught up with Kiruna Wagon to see what has happened since being named winner of the Swedish Steel Prize 2017.

apply 2018


Apply for the Swedish Steel Prize 2018 – and blow our minds

The time has come once again and the Swedish Steel Prize 2018 is now accepting applications.


"A milestone for our company"

This year’s winner of the international Swedish Steel Prize is Kiruna Wagon from Sweden.

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