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experience day


Waterfront Congress Center, Stockholm, Wednesday November 13

Experience Day is devoted to gaining unique insights into the changing world of steel. Choose among approx. 30 seminars and build a day based on your own interests. A selection of seminar titles are:

  • Automotive trends
  • Roll forming of the strongest steels
  • Protect Electric Vehicles with the strongest steel
  • How to produce carbon free steel - Hybrit deepdive
  • Speed up your time to market - from idea to industrial setup
  • Strenx 1100 Plus, a totally new product with unique weldability
  • In order to facilitate your weld activities use WeldCalc 3.0
  • Benefit from tight material tolerances with regard to heat treatment (SSAB Boron)
  • Sustainable solutions: to paint or not to paint (SSAB Weathering)
  • Increase efficiency of your laser cutting process (SSAB Laser)
  • Hardox HiTemp
  • Use the new ”Bend Calc” app in order to optimize your bending performance
  • Utilize the HFMI technology in order to extend the service life of your products
  • High Strength Steels in Heavy Transport
  • Protect what is important to you
  • Corrosion resistant Hardox 450
  • Tubular design tools
  • Design with High Strength Steels


Time: approx. 9.00-17:30.

In the evening there will be a welcome buffet at Waterfront Congress Center.

More information about the Experience day will come.