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Inspiration Seminars

Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center, Thursday May 24

A day filled with inspirational lectures. We are joined on stage by some of the best and most thought-evoking speakers, who just may change the way you see the world.

Come together

So much in our lives revolves around what we did yesterday or what will happen tomorrow. Strategies that show the way forward, explanations of what previously went right, or what went wrong. Now, we want to put the focus on the here and now - on what we do best.

So, let us come together in a celebration of our unity, our differences and our strengths. Come and be a part of the Swedish Steel Prize 2018 event.


8:00 Registration opens

9:00 Seminar starts

9:20 Speaker David JP Phillips - The magic science behind storytelling

10:05 Nominee presentation - CTE Spa 

10:15 Speaker Jannie Walker Larsson - Using our differences to our advantage

10:45 Coffee break

11:15 Presentation of the winner of University Steel Prize

11:25 Speaker Lisa Ekström - Take from the best and make it even better

12:15 Nominee presentation - JAK Metalli Oy

12:25 Lunch

13:20 Inspiration seminar continues

13:30 Nominee presentation - Mantella S.r.l.

13:40 Speaker Ashkan Fardost - You have all misunderstood digitalization!

14:35 Speaker Jannie Walker Larsson - Using our differences to our advantage

14:50 Nominee presentation - Trufab Global

15:00 Coffee break

15:30 Speaker Stéphane Garelli - 2018: Time to look at the world differently

16:30 Sum up and conclusion

16:40 Seminar ends

All times are approximate.

Inspiration seminars
Alexandra Pascalidou

Alexandra Pascalidou

Moderator of Swedish Steel Prize 2018

Alexandra Pascalidou is a journalist and a well-known media personality. She is passionate about equality and human rights and is the author of several critically acclaimed and award-winning books. She expresses her commitment as follows: "The fight for human rights is my life-nerve. I grew up with poor people who were forced to fight for their rights, rights that others can take for granted." Alexandra Pascalidou speaks six languages, has lived in New York, Los Angeles, Thailand, Bolivia and Greece for longer periods of time and loves to travel because it gives her widespread views and keeps her commitment to social issues boiling.
Lisa Ekstrom

Lisa Ekström

Take from the best and make it even better!

With twenty years of leadership in sales and customer service, Lisa Ekström inspires people in a unique way, creating understanding and insight about each employee's responsibility and importance in, for example, a business transformation - all colors of the spectrum are needed to make it a smooth ride. Lisa sees opportunities in the challenge of successfully completing a master job delivering lasting results. She lectures, among other things, on how she led SAS Customer Relations into a big success. The story of her transformation work with SAS gives inspiration and many concrete tips that you can bring home and use practically in your own business.
Stephane Garelli

Stéphane Garelli

2018: Time to look at the world differently

Stéphane Garelli reads today's global economic picture better than anyone else. He is an exciting speaker who combines content with an entertaining approach to complex issues, supported by his trademark graphics. His presentations on competitiveness provoke you to think outside the box, and to confront your strategies with recent market trends and new competitive pressures. It is not only being good at "what you do" that counts, but also at "what you are". The “legality” of the actions of companies is no longer enough in a world where public opinion also demands "legitimacy". In such a world, companies will need to answer the broader question: Why us?
Ashkan Fardost

Ashkan Fardost

You have all misunderstood digitalization!

Most people speaking about digitalization are actually talking about digitization: the process of turning an analog process into a digital one. It's usually about making an app, starting ad campaigns on Facebook or launching a gimmicky VR project. The same old processes, in a digital format. But digitalization is something completely different, according to Ashkan Fardost: it's about how digital technology - and the Internet - radically transforms human behavior and creates new expectations. Ashkan is a former musician and holds a PhD degree in organic chemistry. Today he's a Hyper Island Collaborator and runs his newly started investment firm Oddball Ventures.

david phillips

David JP Phillips

The magic science behind Storytelling

In tens of thousands of years stories have created conquest and destruction; influenced and breached knowledge between generations. Today, storytelling in films, games and books turn over more than any other industry. The explanation is simple - there is nothing more powerful, stronger and more influential than storytelling - it is the Trojan horse in presentation technology and communication. To tell you all about colorful storytelling and the power it holds, we present David JP Phillips, who will give you concrete examples of the biological and neurological forces found in storytelling.
Jannie Walker Larsson

Jannie Walker Larsson

Welcome to the world of Colorful Communication!

Have you ever met someone and you could “just not get” or really understand what they mean? And at other times you meet another person and you just “click”, and understand each other without barely saying a word. How can that be? Join Jannie Walker Larsson, High Performance Coach, as she takes us into the world of colorful communication. Learn how we can leverage our communicative styles by understanding our “colors” and their impact on us, our relations, and our success in life and business.

In addition, before the event, you will be granted access to a unique gift-opportunity that will show how your specific communicative strengths can be better leveraged and your challenges minimized for even more effective communication and greater connection with those around you.