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The Swedish Steel Prize

The Swedish Steel Prize is the only international award for ideas and products that have an impact on future steel solutions, and it attracts competitors from across the world.

More than just an award, the Swedish Steel Prize is a celebration of good engineering. It aims to recognize those who fully utilize the potential of steel characteristics to improve not only their own business or industry, but also society. It also promotes the sharing of knowledge, to inspire innovations that lead to a better world.

Winners of the Swedish Steel Prize display something special. They challenge the status quo and stand out with a method or a product that applies the unique characteristics of steel to create significant improvements in our world. Everyone is welcome to apply and, as history has shown, anyone can win.

A two-day event

There is more to the Swedish Steel Prize than just an award ceremony. It is a two-day event focused on learning, inspiration and business development. In the days leading up to the announcement of the winner, participants will have the chance to meet peers from across the world, attend seminars, discuss new technologies, hear inspiring guest speakers, tour the SSAB production facilities and more. The Swedish Steel Prize event is a celebration of all the groundbreaking ways that steel is being used to improve our world.

The next event will be held May 2025. 

Inspiration seminars at Swedish Steel Prize

More than 20 years of the Swedish Steel Prize

Over the past two decades, the award has inspired creative engineers, designers and inventors across the world. It has also offered a glimpse of the endless potential of steel to change our world for the better.

The prize was founded by SSAB in 1999 as an international award with the aim of attracting applicants from across the world. Today, we can safely say that it has achieved this goal, with finalists coming from every continent – except Antarctica. When it was founded, the prize sought to encourage all trailblazers, big or small, to show the way toward new innovations – something that is still true today.

Although the Swedish Steel Prize is owned by SSAB, it is open to everyone and has the vision of taking the steel industry to the next level.

Chairman of the Swedish Steel Prize jury, Eva Petursson

Chairman of the Swedish Steel Prize jury, Eva Petursson.

The jury

All entries are assessed by an independent jury consisting of professionals with extensive experience within steel, manufacturing, product development and R&D. Together they review each entry based on its level of innovation, creativity, sustainability, performance and competitiveness. Out of the box thinking as well as entries addressing the environment, digitalization and/or new trends in the economy are especially encouraged.

Swedish Steel Prize Rules

Entries must meet the following criteria.

  • Entries must be a method or product that fully utilizes the characteristics of premium steel within SSAB’s product range, but does not necessarily need to be steel produced by SSAB.
  • With the highest level of creativity, they can demonstrate new areas of use for steel, replace the use of other materials or show significant benefits.
  • If the entry is a product, it must be viable from a business perspective and a prototype of the product must exist, however, it does not need to be in full production.
  • If the entry is a method, the method must be tested and documented for use in production.
Shape Corp. winner of Swedish Steel Prize 2019
Certified sustainable event 2023

Previous winners

For 20 years, the Swedish Steel Prize has been recognizing those who take that extra step to improve their own business, industry as well as society, through the innovative use of steel. The award is a celebration of good engineering, cooperation and the sharing of knowledge – and it aims to inspire the steel innovations that lead to a better and more sustainable world.