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Enclose a detailed description and documentation about your innovation. The purpose is to explain your method or product and how the properties of the steel have contributed to a significant innovation. The assessment parameters innovation/creativity, sustainability, performance and competitiveness are weighted equally by the jury. Please describe in detail the main benefits that apply to your method or product. Please use the texts below as an inspiration and guide. 

Describe and show the uniqueness of the method or product in a global context, specifics of the technical solution and the level of novelty. How do you relate and live up to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals including specific emission savings that the method or product will contribute to when produced or in use. If possible and relevant; how much has the product’s service life improved, and what are the performance and production benefits? Does the product have any advantages when it comes to production and/or cost efficiency – is it lightweight?  How does it contribute to your business development? Does it open new markets? Are there any other benefits that are relevant? If possible, add calculations to other equivalent or existing solutions.

The description and documentation should also include images, illustrations, technical drawings or similar. If you want to send a video, please contact us at [email protected] to get an instruction.

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