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Swedish Steel Prize rules

The Swedish Steel Prize is an international prize that is open to any individual, company or institution. It is awarded to the method or product that best displays how the properties of the steel has contributed to a significant innovation.

The winner receives a diploma, a statuette and intense media exposure. In conjunction with the Swedish Steel Prize event, SSAB will make a donation to charity. Finalists are expected to take part in the Swedish Steel Prize event to present their entry.

Entry criteria:

  • Entries must be a method or product that fully utilizes the characteristics of premium steel within SSAB’s product range, but does not necessarily need to be steel produced by SSAB.
  • With the highest level of creativity, they can demonstrate new areas of use for steel, replace the use of other materials or show significant benefits.
  • If the entry is a product, it must be viable from a business perspective and a prototype of the product must exist, however, it does not need to be in full production.
  • If the entry is a method, the method must be tested and documented for use in production.

Entries should contain:

  • Identification (name, company and contact information).
  • A clear description of the product, tool or method, preferably accompanied by a technical drawing, sketch, photograph, or video.
  • Particulars of the steel grade or grades used and, where applicable, the grade and the material used previously, if it exists.
  • If possible, a description and calculations of benefits compared to other equivalent/existing solutions e.g. weight and/or CO2 reduction, prolonged useful life or production efficiency, cost reduction.

The assessment parameters considered by the jury are weighted equally and include:

  • Innovation/creativity
  • Sustainable benefits
  • Performance
  • Competitiveness


Please note that all entries will be reviewed and handled in strict confidentiality. Finalist entries will be published either in their entirety or in part, as agreed with the applicant.