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Ultra-fast maintenance system

This user-driven innovation is a patented system designed for quick exchange of bucket protection parts on site. This solution is opening up for new flexible and sustainable ways of working with maintenance. In addition, by utilizing the strength as well as wear resistance of the material, an extended tooth design for DigJim system has documented increase in productivity in use.

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Front lower control arm

In an application with challenging requirements, Gestamp is pushing material properties for strength and formability. This vital part of the chassis is crucial to everyday operation as well as to safety performance. Utilizing advanced forming technology, this front lower control arm has an optimized single shell design, made possible by introducing a new material strength level.

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New generation train coupling technology

Green Buffers is introducing high-strength steel for energy absorption between rail wagons for increased train safety. This new generation coupling technology opens up for more sophisticated custom design solutions, and offers an extended number of well-defined robust force levels for energy absorption. With a possibility to upgrade existing trains, the improved safety for railway transportation has potential for fast implementation.

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Mechanical battery for fast charging

These high power mechanical batteries using a new flywheel steel design are sustainable solutions for a more sustainable world. Mechanical batteries offer increased service life, no degradation and a smaller material footprint compared to chemical batteries. In this upgraded steel solution, a safer operation is also achieved by replacing traditional flywheel designs with layers of high-strength steel, isolating failure and limiting damage.

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Two piece mining excavator bucket

Austin Engineering has taken a significant leap in innovation for the design and maintenance of excavator buckets. With a modular approach, they have developed an innovative concept that combines low weight with optimal use of the complete product before scrapping.

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New feeding modulus for axial harvesters

Kampag has managed to increase soya yields by focusing its harvester design on the gentler handling of the crop. A unique feeding modulus unit shows less damage to the harvested bean and also increases machine availability in conditions with high humidity.

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Metal solar roof makes metal solar roofs that produce electricity. The product successfully combines an effective solar panel solution with an architecturally attractive environment friendly steel roof that also enables historical building restorations to benefit from new technological advancements.

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Roll formed and 3D bent tube for automotive roof rail application

Shape has developed a cost effective and robust manufacturing process for 3D shaped tubes that makes it possible to utilize cold forming steels with the highest strength levels currently in existence. With this technology, a unique lightweight solution for A-pillar and roof rail tubes, with minimal section size, is now ready for implementation by a major automotive manufacturer during 2020.

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Versatile truck-mounted sky-lift

CTE Spa, Italy, has developed a small truck-mounted sky-lift of extraordinary versatility, height and reach.

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Lightweight cutter head

JAK Metalli Oy, Finland, has invented a unique cutting principle for the cleansing of roadside vegetation that provides a much more controlled operation for small trees than conventional chain crushers.

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Next generation trailer

Mantella S.r.l., Italy, has made a unique design and an innovative solution for a trailer and body that represents an entirely new generation.

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Flexible grain auger wagon

With a modular design concept using almost no welding, Trufab Global, Australia, has created a flexible and lightweight grain auger wagon that allows for the final assembly to be done on-site.

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Revolutionizing underground mining with high-strength steel

Light Duty Vehicles (LDV) are used throughout the mining industry for transporting a variety of different applications within underground mining environments. South African company Fermel (Pty) Ltd identified this specific market sector as an ideal opportunity to develop a dedicated Mining LDV – the Maverick product range. They utilized high-strength steel to develop a sustainable solution that has been nominated for the 2017 Swedish Steel Prize.

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A world first for pick and carry cranes

Pick and carry cranes are a small, but extremely important niche in the lifting segment. For indoor use, these compact cranes can maneuver easily and lift heavy equipment like presses and milling machines. By utilizing high-strength steel, Italian JMG Cranes SRL, built a new pick and carry crane that is best in class, with the highest payload and an easy to transport design. For their efforts, they have been named a finalist for the 2017 Swedish Steel Prize.

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Faster, smarter, and cheaper mineral transport

When Kiruna Wagon was asked by a customer to develop a more efficient solution for the transportation and unloading of iron ore, the northern Swedish company went a step beyond. Based on an old concept, they created the Helix Dumper, an innovative wagon solution that is highly durable, as well as far more efficient and versatile than other ore wagons on the market. High-strength steel played a key role in the development of the wagon and Kiruna Wagon has been named a finalist for the 2017 Swedish Steel Prize.

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Miles ahead in highway trailer safety

For one of the world’s leading manufacturers of highway truck trailers, safety comes first. Therefore, despite stringent regulations already in place for Rear Impact Guards, Wabash National saw the importance in developing an even safer solution, the RIG-16 Rear Underride Guard System. High-strength steel allowed them to achieve success, and for their innovative design, they are a finalist for the 2017 Swedish Steel Prize.

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Sugar Cane Straw Knifes

Better performance, energy savings, increased productivity and extended service life are some of the benefits of the Fácil System raw material shredding mill. As we are based in the sugar plantation region of Araraquara, I have perceived an added value in the cane straw, which used to be discarded in the field. With that in mind, I started working on a new machine for shredding the material, envisioning a new market,” says Laércio Ribeiro, CEO of the Brazilian company Fácil System.

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Rail transportation system

What started off as an idea to improve how goods move has become a patented innovation that is cheaper, more environmentally friendly and easier to install than most modern day transportation systems.

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Forest harvester

With high strength steel, the Finnish company Ponsse has realized a revolutionary design for a forest harvester, which improves both performance and comfort. The Scorpion has been nominated for the 2015 Swedish Steel Prize.

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Adaptable Crane Section (Boom Booster)

With their innovative Boom Booster Kit, the global crane manufacture Terex Cranes has made it -possible to use the same crane for a wider variety of jobs by dramatically increasing performance.

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The largest dump truck in the world

Belaz has been nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize 2014 for a new axel suspension construction and swivel carriage made from high strength steel, which makes Belaz 75710 the world’s biggest dump truck with a carrying capacity of 450 tons.

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Bevarage trailer

The Chilean trailer manufacturer Santander Equipos has been nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize 2014 for developing a new and innovative lightweight trailer for transporting large amount of freights.

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Feeding rollers for forest harvester

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Screener system

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Cooking Ware

Better heating, lower energy consumption and more even heat. The Swiss innovation company Condeco presents a solution for cookware that may provide significantly improved pots and pans in the future. The key to the improved performance is a heat-resistant and heat-conductive steel. New production technology is definitely novelty in cookware industry.

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Mack Trucks Inc

The Twin Y is an entirely new principle for truck suspensions which is not only lighter, but offers considerably improved handling. The design is based on a supporting arm comprising two interlocking sections made of high-strength steel, which absorb the forces exerted upon the vehicle’s rear axles in an entirely revolutionary way. This new solution reduces vibration and increases tire traction. Not only are steering, braking ability and driver comfort considerably improved, but Twin Y also significantly reduces tire wear. Similarly, Twin Y is also lightweight and sturdy, meaning that the suspension has a long serviceable life and low maintenance costs.

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Passenger DMU railway vehicle

Thanks to a chassis made almost entirely out of high-strength steel, combined with new safety solutions, Polish firm Pesa Bydgoszcz SA has become the first in the world to construct a passenger train which meets the new European safety standards. The train, called “Link”, can withstand an impact at speeds of up to 110 km/h (according to EN15227 3th scenario) without deformation of the main structure . The design’s shock absorption capacity offers significantly improved protection for passengers and train crew alike.

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Drop deck widener “Load’n Lift” trailer

Since their very conception, both trailers and other heavy vehicles have been made in the same way - using two longitudinal beams, axles, wheels, and a towing unit. Now the Australian Tuff Trailers (QLD) Pty Ltd has developed a brand new design which turns this tradition completely on its head.

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Waste loader

Recycling, which involves the use and transportation of metallic scrap, is extremely important from an environmental perspective. A-ward has designed a flexible and innovative system comprising two units made of high strength steel which compress and pack metallic scrap in containers. The direct loading of the scrap onto the containers results in major savings in terms of cost and time. The risk of damage to the containers is reduced thanks to horizontal loading.

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Lightweight train seats

Borcad, which enjoys a strong position on the market for light train seats, has developed the next generation of train seats through a smart design made of high strength steels. The slim and yet robust seats are 25% lighter than their predecessors. At the same time, they more than satisfy established strength and collision safety requirements. Thanks to the high strength of the steel, protection is also provided against damage due to vandalism.

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Within the forestry industry, the need for forestry thinning equipment is increasing. A forwarder is a vehicle which transports timber from the logging site to the road. Gremo has produced a carefully conceived and optimized new design which efficiently utilizes high strength steel. The 15% reduction in chassis weight leads to lower fuel consumption relative to payload. The forwarder’s chassis has been designed for increased torsional stiffness, thereby improving off-road performance, and the engine’s emission control is in accordance with the most recent EU directives. The manufacturing costs have been reduced significantly.

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Combine harvester

With the help of Advanced High Strength Steels, as well as an intelligent and innovative design, Deere & Company developed a combine harvester with improved productivity that still meets new environmental regulations.

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Cab protection for excavator

The cab of an excavator is used in high-risk environments that require proper protection against heavy materials.

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Knife for sugarcane harvesters

Rotary-Ax has developed a new cutting tool that increases productivity when harvesting sugarcane.

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Roof of Friends Arena

The roof of Sweden's new national football stadium - Swedbank Arena - is characterized by the light impression that the framework provides.

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Refurbished bucket teeth for worn teeth of excavator buckets

The Australian company Blupoint PTY Ltd has developed a method to reuse worn teeth for excavators. The method reduces customer costs by at least 30 percent. The teeth are renovated with Hardox 500 abrasion-resistant steel and are at least as strong as the original tooth. At the same time, the new teeth can be shaped and optimized for the demands placed on the bucket.

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Telescopic boom for aerial platform

A new height record for aerial platforms for light vehicles has been set by German Ruthmann GmbH & Co. The new maximum working height is 27 meters and can be achieved thanks to a long and powerful boom made of advanced high strength steel.

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Trucks for transportation of mining ore

South African Van Reenen Steel Ltd has developed a truck body with a significantly longer service life compared with a traditional design. The new VR Truck Body, winner of the Swedish Steel Prize 2010, already rolls in some of the largest open-pit mines of the world in China and South Africa.

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Bedspring with open design

Can a bed take on a different look? Olle Wranne, CEO of Wranne Fåhraeus Design AB, took on that challenge. Using thin arcs of advanced high strength steel and a clever design he created a new bed that has more in common with a flying carpet than a traditional piece of bedroom furniture.

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Stron albatros a boost to agriculture

The inspiration derived from the world’s biggest bird is clear. The new, sleek Albatros spray bar from the Italian companies Andreoli Engineering and Bordoni Bonfiglio is impressive in its width, shape and strength. Advanced high strength steel has enabled the companies to develop a design that is 40 percent lighter, can withstand more, is more efficient to use, and is more kindly to the crops. The Albatros is one of four products that have been nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize 2009.

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Steel is right "wax" for snowless ground

Advanced high-strength steel has proved to be the unexpected solution to a long-standing need of cross-country skiers. Due to the properties of the material and a new design, the new roller ski that will be presented before 2010 will have the characteristics that are virtually identical to those of regular snow skis. Adjustable kick zone, high torsional stiffness and good elasticity provide the same skiing experience on tarmac as that of regular skis on snow. The ski has been nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize 2009.

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High strength steel boosts refuse collection efficiency

The use of high strength steels is being continuously developed by designers around the world, in an effort to achieve lighter, stronger and more energy-efficient products. Labrie Environmental Group, the Canadian refuse collection truck manufacturer, has succeeded in lowering the weight of its latest model by around 500 kg, at the same time increasing the strength and capacity of the vehicle. The truck is one of four entries nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize 2009.

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Corrugated steel yields a lightweight trailer

Higher payload capacity and better operating economy - these properties characterize a new truck trailer that has been developed by the Spanish LeciTrailer company. Advanced high strength steel and a new design approach have enabled the designers to reduce the trailer weight by 15 percent. This has provided scope for raising the payload by a further 1000 kg. LeciTrailer has been nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize 2009 for its new trailer.

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Lawn mower arm for tractors

Kuhn Audureau of France, has developed a new arm for mower units intended for mounting on tractors for mowing roadway shoulders and edges.

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Iron ore wagon

More slender but stronger wagons that can carry 20 percent more ore than their predecessors, in spite of an unchanged gross weight and also improved maintainability. This is one of the keys that have opened the door to the Swedish mining company LKAB to be able to increase its iron ore deliveries. The new wagons are made of high strength steel and improve the transport work on a number of scores. The wagon design has been nominated for the 2008 Swedish Steel Prize.

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Zero emission vehicle

Electric drive, quiet running and no exhaust gases, but as powerful as a diesel. These in a nutshell are the properties of the British Modec electrically powered commercial vehicles for city conditions. Advanced high strength steel for vital parts of the vehicle were decisive to meeting the specific design requirements set by the company. The design has been nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize 2008.

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Modular prefabricated silos

High strength steel is the material that has taken the weight off the shoulders of the Spanish company Silos Cordoba in two senses. Without compromising on strength, the weight of the finished products has been cut. This has resulted in substantially reduced transport costs, lower fuel consumption and quicker erection. For this leading European silo manufacturer, it’s now full speed ahead for business around the world. These successes are backed by innovative design work, for which the company is now nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize 2008 design award.

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Semitrailer with concrete mixer

Baryval Serviplem S.A. of Spain has developed a semitrailer with concrete mixer that skilfully takes advantage of both the strength and durability of advanced high strength steels.

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Highway post

Dura-Post Pty.Ltd of Australia presents a new highway post that improves safety.

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Gas Cylinder

Liotard and Arcelor Mittal R&D Industry Gent of France and Belgium have partnered to develop a gas cylinder in high strength steel.

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Vossloh España of Spain has been nominated for a diesel electric locomotive for freight traffic.

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Upper beam of passenger door car

The companies of Italy have designed and realized a roll formed profile of galvanized ultra high strength steel for the upper door beam.

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Lifts (Elevators)

IMEM Ascensores of Spain, is a leading lift manufacturer who is at the leading edge in its line of business and is breaking new ground by using advanced high strength steels.

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The company of Brazil has taken a major step forward by changing over from mild steel to advanced high strength steel for its new trailer for sugar cane transport. The major weight saving has increased the payload and improved transport economy, which has put Pastre in a pioneering position on the trailer market in South America.

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Bus seat

Multina of Canada has taken an important development step in a field in which high strength steels are already well established. The decision of the company to use steels of the highest strength classes has resulted in bus seats that are now even safer and lighter. This has demonstrated that even highly refined products made of aluminium, magnesium or high strength steels of lower hardness can be developed further to yield better product properties.

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CMT of Sweden has competently used the properties of advanced high strength steels for its lightweight, strong and impact-resistant containers.

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Side collision protection beam

Dura of Germany has succeeded practically using the technique of combining core material with ultra high strength steel facing.

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Self-propelled sprayer

In the agricultural machinery sector, Hardi-Evrard of France has developed a competitive, self-propelled sprayer.

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Bumper system

The unique design and production method employed by Shape, US, for manufacturing bumpers is based on several forming methods and the combination of various types of ultra high strength steels to create a closed profile of varying cross-section.

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Bus seat

By leveraging the advantages of advanced high-strength steel, the Spanish company Fainsa has developed a new bus seat that is both safer and lighter than existing ones. The seat meets the stricter safety requirements now adopted by several EU countries, and the weight of the seat frame is reduced by over 30 percent. The seat has a built-in three-point belt and integrated whiplash protection. The design has earned Fainsa a nomination for the Swedish Steel Prize 2004, the international prize for high-strength steel design.

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Bus seat

A new bus seat built from high-strength steel has been a success for Grammer S.r.l. from Italy. Improved comfort, better safety and significantly lower weight are among the advantages of the new seat, to say nothing of affordable production costs. Grammer has now been nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize 2004 for the seat’s high-strength steel frame.

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Haki of Sweden has introduced extra high strength steels into their range of scaffolding, even though this field is very conservative and must meet the demands of restrictive standards.

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Battery mounting in hybrid cars

US based Trim Trends has developed a crashworthy battery holder manufactured from ultra-high strength steel for the batteries powering the recently launched Ford Escape Hybrid SUV. The battery holder is produced using press tools of advanced design that represent a major technical advance in working high strength steels. This opens the way for regular production of large components made from very high strength steels. The result may be lighter, safer and more environmentally-friendly cars that can be produced at reasonable cost. Trim Trends has now been nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize 2004, which is an annual international design award.

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Spring for the map pocket

The Su-Dan Corporation of the US has developed a new load-bearing, resilient steel strip for a storage pocket in a new SUV produced by the American GM Corporation.

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Coil wagon

Tatravagónka of Slovakia demonstrates innovativeness in an area of industry, where to date there has been limited scope for change.

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Interchangeable platforms

The Superior Trailer Works of the US has been nominated for a new interchangeable platform system for trailers.

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Trailer chassi

Trailord Pty Ltd of South Africa has been nominated for a trailer design focused on reducing weight and improving transport economy.

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Back-seat frame

Finnveden Sheet Metal Components and Volvo Car Corporation of Sweden have been nominated for their Volvo XC90 rear seat frame.

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Jindo Corporation of Korea has been nominated for its container design for road and rail transport in North America, an engineering area which makes exacting demands with regard to low weight, safety and return on investment, and where aluminium and conventional steels have traditionally been the materials used.

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Lumbar supports for various seats

Schukra Manufacturing of Canada has been nominated for its improved back support for chairs. The enhancement has been made possible by changing to ultra high strength steel, combined with a radical redesign.

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Searcher research vessel

Searcher and Långedrag Marin AB of Sweden have been nominated jointly for their research vessel Searcher. The sailboat’s hull is made entirely of extra high strength steel.

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Rigid, strong, lightweight, durable, enabling users to ride to entirely new levels of performance: With their high strength steel frames, Lassbo Racing of Sweden has a new racing bikes for downhill surpass just about everything else in cycling.

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Rear seat frame structure for cars

Lear Corporation of Italy has a new rear car seat design – in which both cold and hot rolled extra high strength steel are used – has exceeded all expectations.

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Front Loaders

A marked increase in load capacity, a 20 per cent reduction in weight and an improved work environment for personnel. These are the three major benefits emphasised by Norje Smidesfabrik of Sweden, when they explain why extra high strength steel is their material of choice for production of buckets, loading forks and fork extensions.

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Seat frame structure

TWB of Sweden has developed a rear seat frame structure for cars which efficiently utilizes the combination of high strength and good formability of the extra and ultra high strength steels.

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Ameron of Netherlands has created an entirely original tubular product for the petrochemical industry. By combining the properties of ultra high strength steels with those of a composite material, Ameron has developed a tube that can withstand very high pressures.

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Baby pram

Emmaljunga Barnvagnsfabrik AB of Sweden has successfully reverted to using steel tube for a baby pram chassis. A light weight pram with better performance than in the past has been developed by using the properties of extra high strength DP steel.

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Side-collision protection beam

Frigostamp SpA of Italy has developed a new sidecollision protection beam for the doors of passenger cars. By combining ultra high strength steel with an innovative design, Frigostamp has created a beam that retains its energy-absorbing properties throughout the deformation process in a collision from the side.

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Tipper cab

Creative design thinking has enabled Volvo Articulated Haulers AB of Sweden to put to use the combination of formability, strength and consistent properties of high strength cold forming steels in the new design of a tipper cab.

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Anti-whiplash protection

In conjunction with the launch of the Volvo S80, Autoliv/Volvo Cars from Sweden presented Whips – a new system designed to protect car occupants against the risk of whiplash injuries.

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Continual development of the design and optimization of the materials employed, with the aim of minimizing the weight and maximizing the lifting capacity, have always been of decisive importance to Bromma Conquip of Sweden for securing the company’s position as the world’s leading manufacturer of crane-based spreaders in ports.

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Side stay for railway wagons

ExTe of Sweden has a bold choice of ultra high strength steel for the side stays of railway wagons meets the strict demands for strength, toughness and fatigue strength.

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Train passenger seat

Ring Mekanikk of Norway was faced with the challenge of cutting the weight of passenger seats for the Gardemoen line from 70 kg to 30 kg.

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