The Swedish Steel Prize is awarded annually to recognize the most innovative design utilizing high-performance steel. Trufab Global, from Australia, is one of the four finalists for this year’s prize, which will be awarded during a ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden on May 24. The award ceremony is part of a three-day event where hundreds of international participants will take part in seminars and site visits at SSAB.

Trufab is nominated for its Nyrex Chaser Bin, a fully modular grain cart with an extraordinary capacity of up to 62,000 liters. The bin is about 700 kg lighter than previous solutions, which helps reduce soil compaction and increase fuel efficiency. Its modern design requires almost no welding for a longer service life, while flat packed deliveries and ease of assembly represent an entirely new way of thinking in agriculture.

“Our motivation for the Nyrex was the chance to make better efficiencies. Can we be faster, more environmentally friendly and challenge the status quo? These are themes that are shared company wide,” explains Colin Jorgensen, CEO at Trufab.

The sub frame of the chaser bin and the precut 1,625 mm wide panels for the side and floor modules are made from high-strength steel. Assembly of the modular panels relies heavily on bent joints and bolt fasteners. The bin is designed with tandem axles and built-in brakes with the option of tires or tracks. It can also be fitted with a firefighting tank on the side.

“We looked at different materials for the panels and other ways to do the design, but high-strength steel and less welding offers end users much better value for money. They receive increased efficiency in the fields, with less ground disturbance and less pulling power, meaning less fuel,” says Jorgensen.

The Swedish Steel Prize jury’s motivation for selecting Trufab as a finalist for the Swedish Steel Prize 2018 is:
With a modular design concept using almost no welding, Trufab, has created a flexible and lightweight grain auger wagon that allows for the final assembly to be done on-site. By utilizing modules, different sizes can easily be delivered, while maintenance is also simplified. This new chaser bin reduces cost and increases production efficiency for producers as well as end users.