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Swedish Steel Prize

For over two decades the Swedish Steel Prize has celebrated steel innovators, finding new solutions leading to a better and more sustainable world. We celebrate good engineering, cooperation and sharing of knowledge. We celebrate you who improve your business, industry and even our society through innovative usage of steel.

Swedish Steel Prize 2023, May 10–11

The Swedish Steel Prize event brings together professionals from across the world for two special and highly valuable days. Participants will experience how high strength steel benefits our everyday lives, gain inspiration from engaging guest speakers, network and make important business contacts as well as celebrate this year’s winner of the prestigious Swedish Steel Prize. The next event will be held May 10–11, 2023.

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For 20 years, the Swedish Steel Prize has been recognizing those who take that extra step to improve their own business, industry as well as society, through the innovative use of steel. The award is a celebration of good engineering, cooperation and the sharing of knowledge – and it aims to inspire the steel innovations that lead to a better and more sustainable world.

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