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Swedish Steel Prize 2023 begins: Experience Day in Oxelösund and Stockholm

05.10.2023 – Today, some 400 Swedish Steel Prize participants had a difficult choice for Experience Day: choose between a tour of the SSAB facilities at the Oxelösund mill or three sets of industry-specific programs in Stockholm.

Experience Day 2023

Oxelösund visitors started by learning about new Hardox® steel grades and the versatility of Strenx® structural steel grades. That was followed by a mill tour featuring different parts of the steelmaking process, including the new SSAB Additive Manufacturing Center, and the Knowledge Service Center Laboratory. Participants could also see demonstrations of SSAB’s BendCalc, WeldCalc and WearCalc applications. 

Meanwhile, in Stockholm, visitors choose between three different sets of programs: 

Mobility featured presentations on climate neutrality and embodied carbon footprints, sustainable protection for EV batteries, high-end steels to meet demanding safety and chassis applications, delayed fracture resistance, sustainable steel production in light of Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) and Product Environment Footprint (PEFs) requirements, and how to form the world’s strongest mobility steels. 

Industry presented programs on innovative steel solutions for more efficient and sustainable solar structures, hydrogen’s game-changing role in European energy use, steel’s place in new energy storage tanks and flywheels, latest developments in deploying new steels in high-performance industrial products, and how weathering steel will transform the way we build and maintain overhead power lines. 

Construction featured seminars on improving infrastructure performance via sustainable upgrading, how GreenCoat® color-coated steels will help builders meet new environmental and building legislation, research on climate impact reduction for construction components, sustainable architecture (via reused materials, fossil-free steel, bio-based products, reverse construction processes, digitization, and artificial intelligence), and carbon-neutral building products.

Experience Day 2023 presented an enormous amount of industry-specific information, as well as opportunities to meet face-to-face with subject matter experts. It was a perfect foundation for the subsequent Inspiration Day.