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It’s time – for the Inspiration Seminars 2019

11.14.2019 – New insights and plenty of motivation – the renowned Inspiration Seminars portion of the Swedish Steel Prize 2019 event took place today in Stockholm, and provided the nearly 500 participants with a boost of energy and some new tools for looking at the world.

Inspiration day 2019

The moderator for the day was journalist and entrepreneur Sabinije von Gaffke, who helped guide the audience through the day. She began by interviewing SSAB CEO Martin Lindqvist, who explained how SSAB will be the first company to take fossil-free steel to the market by 2026 with the help of HYBRIT technology and create a truly fossil-free value chain, from mine to end product.

The first guest speaker to take the stage was professor Micael Dahlen. He challenged us to rethink how we look at the world and the future. During this entertaining presentation, Dahlen shared the three things that makes all of us uniquely human; the ability to be ourselves, to have fun and to matter.

Next up was former Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt who posed that it’s time for a new global order. He discussed both the challenges and opportunities linked to the future world where populations in Africa are expected to rise, leaving an ageing population in Europe.

Gabrielle Walker then gave the Inspiration Seminars audience many good reasons why it’s time to make a difference. Her presentation about climate change gave insight into “the new abnormal” and how opinions about climate change have shifted over time – and why we must act now.

The final presenter of the day was author and former editor-in-chief of WIRED magazine's UK edition, David Rowan. He explained why it’s time to transform your organization. Through many inspiring examples of innovation, he proposed that what happens on the edge of innovative thinking trickles down and affects us all.

The Inspiration Seminars was definitely one of the shining moments of the Swedish Steel Prize 2019 event.