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The Swedish Steel Prize 2019 begins – at SSAB Oxelösund

11.12.2019 – Today, nearly 200 visitors arrived at the SSAB mill in Oxelösund, Sweden, and marked the official start to the Swedish Steel Prize 2019 event.

Mill tour at Oxelösund facilities

The visitors were on hand for the one-of-a-kind mill tour which, once again, lived up to its reputation for both excitement and learning.

Some of the world’s most advanced steels are produced at SSAB Oxelösund and the Mill Tour portion of the Swedish Steel Prize event is designed to give visitors a rare glimpse at what it takes to make high quality steel as well as to show the innovations and processes that make SSAB steel stand out.

The first stop was the rolling mill, one of the strongest in the world, where 1,200°C plates are rolled from 175 mm down to 4 mm – around the clock. The plate obtains various properties by controlling the rolling force and temperature.

At the testing lab, SSAB Knowledge Service Center representatives both explained and demonstrated various unique test methods. Among these are high impact, drum wear and cutting test methods. All of these are done frequently to ensure the high quality and consistency of all SSAB products.

The conversion of SSAB Oxelösund blast furnace to an electric arc furnace, in order to meet the new needs for fossil-free steel production, was also presented by Jacob Sandberg, CTO at SSAB Special Steels.

The day was packed full of information and feedback was positive, proving the mill tour to be the perfect start to the Swedish Steel Prize event.