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Something for everyone at Experience Day 2019

11.13.2019 – With learning, creating value for customers and networking in focus, the Swedish Steel Prize event continued today with Experience Day at the Waterfront Congress center in Stockholm.

Experience day 2019

This year marks the 20th time that the Swedish Steel Prize will be awarded and the 15th time that customers have been invited to Experience Day, the day before the award ceremony. The roughly 300 participants on hand were able to choose from a wide range of seminars where they could learn about new steel grades and technology, get up to speed on current and upcoming trends and learn how to optimize steel in their specific industry.

The day started with an interesting panel discussion between Olavi Huhtala, Head of SSAB Europe, Chuck Schmitt, Head of SSAB Americas and Johnny Sjöström, Head of SSAB Special Steels. The three discussed the changes in the steel industry over the past year and how SSAB is working to bring more value to customers.

SSAB’s CTO Martin Pei took the stage next with the topic of sustainability. He presented SSAB’s ambitious strategy and many of the steps being taken towards delivering fossil-free steel by 2026 including the HYBRIT initiative and the conversion of the SSAB Oxelösund blast furnace to an electric arc furnace.

Other highlights from Experience Day included seminars about exciting new products like SSAB Domex® Plus, which delivers excellent local formability as well as Strenx® 1100 Plus, which provides outstanding welding properties to the lifting and transportation industry.

Niko Korte gave participants a look at SSAB’s digital services and Joachim Larsson explained why the evolution of steel has not ended and that an endless number of innovations can be expected, long into the future.

Experience Day 2019 was a major success, and the perfect warm-up for tomorrow’s Inspiration Seminars and the awarding of the Swedish Steel Prize 2019.