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Applications from around the world to the Swedish Steel Prize 2023

01.23.2023 – January 18th, 2023 marked the official closing of entries for the Swedish Steel Prize 2023. The Swedish Steel Prize recognizes those who fully utilize the potential of steel to improve not only their business or industry, but also society.

"It has been just over three years since we last held the Swedish Steel Prize, so it feels extra exciting to be able to look into new innovative products and ideas,” says Eva Petursson, Chair of the Swedish Steel Prize Jury, and Head of SSAB’s Research and Innovation.

“The nomination committee and the external jury are ready to start reviewing all the submitted applications and we are eagerly awaiting the selection of finalists and the winner. A big thank you to all the companies and individuals who submitted these innovative contributions. We received 75 applications from 26 countries around the world!”

The prize is awarded to the method or product that best displays how the properties of the chosen grade of steel has contributed to a significant innovation. The prize inspires engineers, designers, and inventors to further explore the unlimited potential of steel.

In conjunction with the Swedish Steel Prize event, SSAB will also make a SEK 100,000 donation to charity.

The prize will be announced in Stockholm, Sweden as part of the Swedish Steel Prize 2023 event, May 10–11, where peers from around the world come to learn, network, and be inspired by new steel technologies and their innovative applications